Repurposing of old coal mines in Karvina

Country: Czech Republic
Location: Karvina
Duration: 2021 – ongoing

In 2021, Technoprojekt from CACE drew up master plans for three major coal mines in Czech Republic, Karvina, which ceased operations.  In total, there are 500ha of depressed areas with existing mining structures, which are to be given a new function and use.
The mine in the picture includes valuable historical buildings that will be reconstructed and used as a national mining museum in a new, interactive concept.
In addition to the existing buildings, a number of new ones will be added for the location of the competence center for special foundations.
A digital art gallery will be installed in one of the mining towers.
Technoprojekt continues to develop the area influenced by mining activities and welcomes cooperating companies with experience in this area.
JTF from EU will be helping with financing (app. 300 mil. EUR).