New EFCA President elected for the 2020-2023 mandate

The virtual 2020 General Assembly Meeting of the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA), held on 4 June 2020, elected Artelia’s CEO, Benoît Clocheret (F) as President.

Benoît Clocheret succeeds Kevin Rudden, CEO of GARLAND Consulting Engineers, whose term of office has come to its statutory end. 
In his role, Benoît Clocheret will work to influence EU legislation on matters that affect the industry, helping it to achieve common European goals such as the promotion of fair competition, transparent procurement rules and digital transformation, and highlight the firms’ contribution to the European Green Deal and Sustainable Development.  
The European engineering consultancy industry employs more than 1 million staff and generates more than EUR 150 billion annual turnover. "Europe is simultaneously hit by existential threats and fantastic opportunities to move towards a more united region of the world. It has taken a major pandemic to bring society to realize that living sustainably and embracing technological innovation is the only way forward. Engineering consultancies have the ability to foster the cross-fertilization of knowledge, innovation and ideas within and between sectors and disciplines, helping to strengthen the competitiveness of the European consultancy” Benoît Clocheret says. “Furthermore, reaping the benefits of European cooperation and making technology work for people is important and EFCA has a vital role in bringing Europe together in these times”, he adds. 
About Benoît Clocheret  
Benoît Clocheret, aged 50, joined the EFCA Board of Directors in 2017. He is the CEO of Artelia, a leading independent consulting, engineering and project management firm in the industry, building, water, infrastructure, transport and energy sectors. 
Benoît Clocheret is the former Chair of the ‘Infrastructure’ section of SYNTECIngénierie and is a member of the Board of SYNTEC-Ingénierie, the largest professional association of engineering consulting firms in France, representing 350,000 professionals. 

  • 4 June 2020