DEVNYA CEMENT NEW LINE PROJECT is one of the largest single industrial investments in Bulgaria in the past quarter century. Within the 26 months of design and construction, the total value of the New Line Project amounted to 325.6 million BGN. The production capacity of the New Line is 4 000 tones of clinker per day.

The benefits of the New Line Project are numerous. It has improved the local economy by creating new working places and brought to the country the best available techniques in cement production with the most modern and up-to-date processes. It also has a huge positive effect on the local environment:

  • Improved overall energy efficiency and considerable reduction of fossil fuel and water consumption;
  • Significant reduction of CO2, SO2 and other gas emissions and dust;
  • Zero waste generation;
  • Sustainable development on local and national level since the new installations are able to utilize alternative fuels, including RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and biomass fuel.

Devnya Cement was announced Investor of the year for 2015.

The project won the prestigious Bulgaria’s Building of the Year 2014 Award.

Since 2015 Devnya Cement belongs to the family of Heidelberg Cement Group.