EFCA President Kevin Rudden attended the 4th FIDIC European Regional Infrastructure Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia on 6th & 7th March 2018. The conference coincided with the 1st Anniversary of the Association of Consulting Engineers Georgia (ACEG). 

In December 2017, FIDIC unveiled a new suite of Contracts to reflect the challenges construction contracts will face in a rapidly developing and highly digitized future. These changes will ensure that FIDIC Contracts remain the contract of choice for International projects particularly in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The conference focused on the principal changes between the 2017 and 1999 contracts. Presentations and workshops examined procurement strategies (including those of the EU), and their impact on project implementation using best practices such as FIDIC contracts. The applicability of national law was also deemed to be an important consideration.

The FIDIC European Regional Infrastructure Conference has firmly established itself as an essential fixture on the annual calendar. Plans will now commence for the 2019 event and Member Associations in Eastern Europe interested in hosting the event as encouraged to contact Jan Van der Putten (EFCA) or Enrico Vink (FIDIC). 

The conference was opened by Mr. Zurab Alavidze, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, EFCA President Kevin Rudden, FIDIC Managing Director Enrico Vink, FIDIC Executive Committee Member Gavin English and ACEG President Daduna Kokhreidze. 

Members' Projects

Noordwijk - safeguarding the Dutch coastline
A rise in the sea level is expected as a result of climate change. The Netherlands' first and most important lines of defence against the North Sea are the sea dikes and the sand dunes. Recent assessments of the strength of these lines of defence have shown that the coastline has a couple of weak links needing immediate strengthening. One of these is the coastal dune at the popular seaside town of Noordwijk. Grontmij is providing services in relation to the strengthening of this.