2017 Sector Review: the industry continues to grow   

The Sector Review, published by the Swedish Federation of Consulting Engineers and Architects (STD-Företagen), presents rankings of the largest corporate groups in Sweden, the Nordic Countries and Europe, interesting key business ratios, and brings news about structural transactions and economic developments in the sector over the past year.

This year’s report shows a sector in recovery. Profitability has improved during 2016 and 2017.

The data of the Sector Review are in line with the EFCA Barometer autumn 2017 report that also showed an overall optimism in the sector towards the future and substantial concerns over low fees and lack of qualified staff


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Members' Projects

Protecting St Petersburg from floods
A Flood Protection Barrier has been constructed to protect Saint-Petersburg from flooding, and at the same time creating a motorway crossing over the Gulf of Finland as part of the Ring road around Saint-Petersburg and controlling water flow conditions and the ecological status of the Neva Bay.