The Malmö City Tunnel Project

Located in the southern region of Sweden its purpose is to link the existing railway network, running north of Malmö to the southern routes towards Trelleborg, Ystad, and Copenhagen. The City Tunnel project consists of a 17 km section of railway of which 6 km run through a tunnel under central parts of Malmö, where two new underground stations have been built.

The tunnel was completed and opened for traffic in December 2010, ahead of schedule, at a cost of 8,565 billion Swedish crowns, almost a billion under budget. In 2011 the project was awarded the Stora Samhällsbyggarpriset, a Swedish award for community planning projects, celebrating the project’s architectural and engineering excellence, as well as leadership, time and budget management.



Picture by Pehr-Michael Sällström

Hylliz station Hyllie railway station