Greveniotikos Bridge - Greece

The Greveniotikos Bridge on the Egnatia Highway is the longest valley bridge in Greece, indeed one of the longest in Europe, with a continuous deck without any intermediate joints.

The two independent branches, each 926m long, have a typical span length of 100m and pier height of 45m. The bridge was constructed in 1998 by the balanced cantilever method and consists of a single-cell box girder, pre-stressed in the longitudinal direction. The total width of the deck of each branch is 12.78m. The height of the box girder in the middle of a typical span is 3 m and 5.8 m at the supports. The piers have a hexagonal cross-section. A technological characteristic of the bridge is that in some determined positions between the deck and piers, special hydraulic devices (Shock Transmission Units) were installed to protect the bridge in the event of seismic activity. These devices, over a specific force level, work as Viscous Hydraulic Dampers. T T A T. TSIKNIAS &ASSOCIATES SA